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DUI is a Serious Offense

In the state of Washington, being arrested while driving under the influence is no laughing matter. But not everyone who is pulled over in places like Mercer Island is actually guilty of drinking and driving. If you feel that you were ticketed wrongly and want to fight it in court, the first thing you will need is a good mercer island dui attorney. Here are some ways to take that attorney with you to court and fight that ticket.

Tips for Fighting a DUI Offense

Challenging Procedures

Washington has begun to put more of these checkpoints up, especially on holiday weekends. But some courts may take into consideration if the stops are even legal. There are certain steps that must be taken before the state can establish these stops. Your attorney will know how to ensure they are a legal checkpoint or not.

Racial Profiling

For racial profiling cases you will need statistics for this and of course you must fit the bill of the race that is being profiled. While we don't like to think that law enforcement is capable of doing this type of thing, the truth is every state and not just Washington has been accused of racial profiling when handing out DUI tickets.

Challenging Blood Tests

Not every blood test is the same. In fact, two separate tests can show two different results. Since the test is often conducted under questionable situations such as on the side of the road, equipment can be faulty or misread. If you know you should not have measured what they claim, you can challenge the test results.

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These are really just three of many different ways you can legally challenge your DUI in Washington State. If you think you have just cause, you are entitled to your day in court. Just make sure you have a professional lawyer on your side when you do it.